Pompano fishing in February in Florida

The big Pompano are on the move


  • GunVizGunViz Posts: 23 Greenhorn

    Could you possibly be more vague for us information thirsty 9-5ers?

  • fordmag84fordmag84 Bradenton, Fl Posts: 89 Greenhorn

    He is in Jacksonville, so his reports are around that area. Look him up he's a legend. And he won't respond, his daughter posts everything, he fishes he doesn't care about internet.

  • GunVizGunViz Posts: 23 Greenhorn

    I know who he is but the water is too cold in Jax so i'm guessing he's traveling. I'm trying to get a head start on when they will be returning to our area.

  • GunVizGunViz Posts: 23 Greenhorn

    Just got my answer, south of Melbourne.

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