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What kind of Snapper is this? It doesn't look like most of the Mangrove's I've caught; the distinct stripes seem to make me think otherwise but and I can't seem to figure it out.


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    It might be a young dog snapper or a young cubera snapper - but you really can't tell from the way the fish is posed...

    The one guy on this forum that I'd send you to is Waldnerr - his info is always spot on since he's a marine biologist, I believe.....

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    Thanks Bob, I looked on my Fish Rules app but couldn't find anything.

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    Definately a small cubera

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    Bob is spot on about this fish being a young cubera. I can't see the dentition very well, but cuberas have large upper canine teeth and a series of large teeth in their lower jaws and this seems to fit your catch. Cuberas tend to lose their stripes as they mature.

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    Well that's my first Cubera. I didn't expect that in the Everglades.

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    One easy way to tell when they're roughly the same size is looking at the roof of the mouth. Mangroves have an arrow shaped patch in the roof of their mouth whereas Cuberas have a triangle shaped patch. This link provides some good pictures of what to look for as well as some other distinguishing features between cuberas and mangroves. Lots of small (and large) cuberas found in places you'd never expect to find them, I watched a friend catch a 20lb one in man made lake.


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