Sheepshead bite solid

Hey guys,

Sad to see the forum collapse to maybe 2-3 posts a week, and I doubt this new layout “upgrade” will help with how it’s nearly impossible to use on mobile and doesn’t even clearly display dates. What a shame.

Anyway, the sheepshead bite has been phenomenal as of late. Finding them near the 125th st causeway fishing seawalls and pilings. They tend to move around so you have to move quite a bit to locate them. They seem to group up.

They are crazy hard to hook. You need a super sharp hook with light leader and a light rod to consisted have these on your line. That makes things an even greater challenge given the size of some that lurk around. While you of course have to go through a few smaller mangroves, grunts, and assorted trash, when you get a sheepie on your line you’ll know it.

We don’t have many small sheepshead in our area. It’s definitely a winter bite, and I believe a lot of these fish slowly migrate down the intracoastal from colder waters further north. The smallest I’ve caught are around 4 lbs, with the majority averaging around 6. The ones in the picture below are in the 8 lb range and are not the biggest ones around. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been smoked by huge ones around the pilings. Last night I had a solid 10lber snap my frayed leader yakside as I was lifting it inside (what I get for forgetting my landing net). Bait of choice is crushed up oysters/barnacles wrapped up in a little sack made of pantyhose. Fiddler crabs seem hard to find in the area but I’m sure those would work too. Tight lines!


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    Those are slobs, I've been looking for somewhere to target them bow fishing. We have a few in the Dania Cutoff Canal but never thought to try the bridges in Miami.

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    Yeah can’t bowfish for these that I’m catching, they’re down deep. And get them while they’re hot, they’ll be back in broward/palm beach in the next month or so

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    Nice catch.

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    Those are beauties, thanks for the report.
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    Great job
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     Those  are some of the biggest sheep said I've seen in years. Back in the 70s and 80s they use to scrape barnacles and use them of the sunrise bridge and catch big ones like that on my big pier squider combination 
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    Great report Alex....
    Tight Lines
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