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How can you tell what WMU you can alligator hunt in? I have some spots I want to hunt in Okaloosa county but the fwc web site is pretty confusing as to how to go about it. I hunted gator for several years in a different county back when the season opened up 20 or so years ago but the rules are much different now.


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    Management Unit #846: Okaloosa County
    The state- and privately-owned waters and wetlands located within Okaloosa County
    outside of incorporated cities and municipalities that have public access or for which access
    has been granted for the purpose of harvesting alligators under this permit, excluding: within
    400 feet of the mean-high or ordinary-high waterline or within 400 feet of emergent
    vegetation bordering state parks, preserves and reserves and any private lands included in
    management programs governed by Rule 68A-25.032, F.A.C.

    I do not see any lake or river specific units defined within that county so it would just be the general county tag.

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  • smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 39 Greenhorn

    cool. I appreciate the info

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