Penn conflict 2 review

YakinwithJackYakinwithJack Posts: 109 Deckhand

I did a review on my penn conflict 2 2500. I put through hell being drunked and sprayed with salt water off my kayak (not on purpose ). Also caught bull reds specks and sheepshead. Check out my video and subscribe #tightlines and have a blessed day


  • FishWithChrisFishWithChris TallahasseePosts: 138 Deckhand

    I've been looking over this reel.... I'm not in the game of spending 250-300 on reels because I'm rough on my tackle. I have the Conflict 1 and it is an absolute workhorse. I'm trying to streamline all of my reels, but tough to do so when there are so many options out there! (mainly use: 3000 Clash, 3000 Smoke Inshore, 2500 BG, 2500 Conflict 1, 8000 Cabo, 40 Boca)

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  • fordmag84fordmag84 Bradenton, Fl Posts: 89 Greenhorn

    I just ask what local guides use, usually in the $100 range and can take yanks reeling against the drag, and still perform day in and day out.

  • YakinwithJackYakinwithJack Posts: 109 Deckhand

    @fordmag84 haha that will work too

  • YakinwithJackYakinwithJack Posts: 109 Deckhand

    @FishWithChris there are a lot of choices out there now a days.

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