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surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 4,948 Captain

When I open a thread, if there is a picture in it, it is huge and the Recent Treads banner overlays it.I have attached a screen shot. How do I fix this?

Tight Lines, Steve
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  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 4,948 Captain

    I can't even read my own post because of the banner on the right?

    Hello, anyone home? Help please.

    Tight Lines, Steve
    My posts are my opinion only.
  • Rebait2003Rebait2003 Posts: 116 Deckhand

    I posted this on the Ten Thousand Islands forum a couple of days ago and no one has responded to me as of yet.  I think they have nooooo idea how to fix this problem as of yet.  Glad I saw your post and see that it is not only me having the problem viewing and reading  posts!  

    "Blair,  In this new forum layout when someone posts photos that are very large the forum menu on my screen is covering the pictures and posts.   Is it happening to others??  Is there something I can do on my computer to remove that menu??  Is there something you or the forum moderators can do to edit these posts??

    Thanks Rebait"

  • MGTeacherMGTeacher South GaPosts: 1,800 Captain
    Use Google Chrome as your browser.
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  • Rebait2003Rebait2003 Posts: 116 Deckhand
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    Thanks!  That fixed the problem.   But I always us Internet Explorer as my browser for the most part.  But why should I have to switch browsers???  I may be old and not up to date on  new browsers, but I have used internet explorer for years and I like using it.   Why do I have to change browsers??  Why can't they fix it?   I never had a problem with anything with either of the old formats!!!!!!

    It would be nice if FS could get it to work properly so I don't have to switch browsers to look at and post on the forum.

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