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I live in southern florida & i only fish for large mouth bass in the canals. I'm looking for a new spinning reel that can be purchased at Walmart/****'s Sporting Goods. I only use #10 mono line. My budget allows me $50. Is one manufacturer preferable over the other?


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    You are pretty limited in that price range. Walmart sells Daiwa and Okuma. Both are good brands. Using 10 lb mono you will probably want a 2500 series reel. Are you near a Bass Pro? Sometimes you can get a higher end model on sale! Good luck!

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    I got a like new penn fierce 4000 i'll sell you for $50. it's already loaded with 15 lb invisibraid.
    i'll ship it usps priority and send you the tracking #.
    absolutely nothing wrong with it , I just don't use it.

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    Have you considered Kast King? Check them out.

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    walmart and **** sells the shimano sienna fe that is the one to get.

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    @eggystar said:
    walmart and **** sells the shimano sienna fe that is the one to get.

    Yeah, the Sienna is a good reel for the price. I used them for ice fishing up north. Less than $50 too!

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    pflueger president

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    2nd the Pflueger President. I bought one on sale last November and it's great.

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    @Alex from GA said:
    2nd the Pflueger President. I bought one on sale last November and it's great.

    Yes,...they are a good reel....

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    Shimano Sienna is a decent reel. I have a couple that we use for trout & reds. I got them around 2009.

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    Check the Okuma Ceymar C-30

    Holds plenty of 10 lb. test.

    Smooth action & drag ... 7 ball-bearings.

    Field & Stream named it the "best value" in 2016.

    ( and 4th overall )

    "Far and away the biggest surprise, the Ceymar claimed the No. 4 spot with a double-take price of just $50. Throughout the test we kept saying, “There’s no way that price is right.” But it is. Out of the box, our test reel seemed well built and sturdy. With a thick bail wire, a drilled spool, and a sleek black design, nothing about it looked inexpensive. But would it hold up to our test? Yup, in spades. The Ceymar cast far and cranked well, and its 13-pound drag was buttery smooth. Our only concern was how much of a beating a $50 reel can take over time, but it’s worth finding out. "

    We gave up to 20 points for each of the following test categories, for a maximum total score of 100: Casting We spooled the reels to capacity, the spinning models with 6-pound and the baitcasters with 14-pound Berkley Trilene XL. Then, using 1/4-ounce weights for the former and 1-ounce weights for the latter, Cermele and I both made and measured several casts, switching reels out so they were on identical rods. Power ­Using a heavy saltwater stick and 80-pound braid, we deadlifted a 5-pound weight to see how easily the reel pulled the weight off the ground (or failed to do so). Drag Taking max power into considera­tion, we tested smoothness and engagement by pulling the line as fast and hard as we could. ­Retrieve Making a series of casts and cranks, we assessed the retrieves for fluidity while observing how evenly each model stacked line onto the spool. Construction We evaluated build quality and fit and finish via a thorough inspection of each reel, and combined that with how it held up under the strain of the power test. "

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    @capt louie said:
    pflueger president

    I second this. Got a President for my ultralight set up and couldn't believe how smooth it was.

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    Thanks for the shared link! I'm very excited to see this question! I find this thread useful and informative!

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