Crappie fishing in Lake Tarpon?

Thinking of trying Lake Tarpon this weekend for Crappie. Anyone fish Tarpon for Crappie recently with any luck.
Or should I take the long drive over to Central Florida to fish the chain of lakes?


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,193 Moderator

    My neighbor fishes Lake Tarpon every weekend for Crappie and does well

  • junglejimjunglejim Posts: 60 Greenhorn

    Thanks Jack. If weather holds I try Lake Tarpon this week.

  • szarmanszarman Posts: 15 Greenhorn

    Most of the crappie fisherman have been about 800-1200 yards out from the mouth of anderson park and drifting south, day and night. I doubt they are gonna spend that much time doing it without catching some fish.
    I fished the south canal for bass this weekend, and didn't see any crappie fisherman. I think the snook/tarpon took a toll on the crappie around the bridges in the canal. The crappie should rebound because I think most of the snook died 2 weeks ago based on the number of dead ones I saw in the lake. I would start on north end of the lake.

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