Sheeps and Spades South East

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Hi guys just wanted to ask what has worked for you when catching these 2 species from shore ? I know on the gulf side most people produce on Shrimp and Fiddler crabs when they can find them but on the east side I am clueless as to how to target them especially from shore. Tried a spot the other day with store bought oysters and it was a nightmare keeping them on the hook long enough to feel for a bite. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Shrimp and fiddlers will work just as well here. As you mentioned, the crabs are a little harder to find. Close to pilings or rocks, blah blah blah. Same as usual. One thing I've started doing, especially with baits that are softer, is using small circle hooks. You don't necessarily have to feel the bite because you want the fish to eat it before you reel down on it anyway. Seems to be easier than trying to feel it right and then pound a hook through that jaw.

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    Thanks Mike was not aware how hard it was to find to find these guys either. The spot I saw that had some nice spades was a bust as they laughed at my clams. They were not interested at all for 3 weeks straight I tried with clams, and shrimp and nothing. Talk about frustration lol.

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    Fiddlers or shrimp for sheeps, people use cannonball jellyfish for spades.

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    Check out :wrapfishing by Mossy Head bait's little mesh bags that you use a fat syringe to "inject " oysters or mushed up shrimp or clams,.....once in the bags that are barely bigger than your thread that on the hook and you can wear the sheeps out with it...especially when the fiddlers are non existent...

    Long time ago, people used pieces of panty hose the same way.....

    but now these bags are pre-made.

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    @Sea Snake nice have to check that out for sure. @DrK I also have heard that when the weather warms up the spades only feed on jellyfiish exclusively which is weird as in Virginia you could catch them all summer long on clams.

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    Here's the web site of the guy who makes those mesh bags. Might have to copy & paste.

    It's not working now. It worked when I tried it before I posted it. working now.

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    Offshore Jax, we fish for big spades, over wrecks nearshore and whatnot.....we like small pieces of the outer part of the cannonball jellyfish....or better known as jellyballs.

    The meaty part, we put in a mesh bag and hang it over the side. The spades will be drawn to the bag of jellies....once around you just need to "DRIFT" a piece of jellyball, back through the school.....notice the word have to make it as natural as possible....they eat the jellyballs as they don't lock the spool in a current, it will make the bait strip spin, and it wont get touched.....if no bite while they're around, reel up and start your drift again. eventually they will eat. and then it's like catching a 10 pound bream, !!

    I use a penn battle spinner with 20# braid...make sure your drag tie on a piece of 20 or 25# floro, and use a 1/0 owner mosquito hook...those are perfect for the bigger fish.

    Clam tentacles will work too....but the key I think is to make your baits drift with no tension at all !!

    They don't eat bad either.....the meat has a slight grey tint to it, but cooks up pure white....cut the blood line out and have at it.

    good luck.........

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    Thanks guys I guess the search continues. Tried another spot under some bridge in the broward county area that looked super suspicious with Oysters and Barnacle all over them but did not see any sheeps or spades around them at all. Did see loads of blue claw crabs that would be perfect bait for Permit. I guess at least with the sheeps is finding a location that has them in my area then focusing on technique after. Places around me are like a wasteland for them lol. Might have to make a trip to Tampa just to be able to scratch them off my bucket list.

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    They are loaded up all over Tampa Bay right now.

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    **** lol.

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