Fish Bags??

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On rare occasions - we land a fish that will not fit in our fish boxes- like a 48" cobia- I do not want to let it get warm- but piling ice bags on it in the floor is not a solution- What about the "fish bags" for sale? Will they hold a fish for 3-4 hours? I would guess you put as much ice as you can in with the fish. Do they fold up OK for storage?


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    Yes, Yes and Yes. Get one that is large enough for your fishing but not way larger then you need. Several good ones out there.

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    @Slough said:
    Yes, Yes and Yes.

    ^^^ and Yes!

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    Just note that not all fishbags are watertight, like the ones that have a zipper that go all around, so you might have some fishy water leak out on deck or in your vehicle if you transport fish back home this way.

    I use an Icemule fishbag (42") on my kayak, and those are _more _watertight than the other style of fishbags because the opening rolls down and clips like a typical camping drybag.

    Regardless, most are easy to fold and stow when empty and with enough ice they would keep your catch cold for the time you mentioned.

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    Reliable makes excellent fish bags in a variety of sizes. They're definitely worth considering.

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    Try C&H. They have nice, large fish bags

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    Funny how when we forget the gaff or the cooler is too short, the monster fish shows up

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    I use a fish bag every time I go out as it's easier than cleaning out fish boxes or lugging big coffin style hard coolers. I have a medium sized one for regular use that will hold ice all day and a larger one I can roll out if that surprise lunker shows up.

    I will concur that not all bags are created equal. I used a cheap one for a year or so that worked ok but did leak a little on the deck and eventually leaker to the liner so it was tough to get the smell out. You will find that good ones aren't cheap. I have Canyon Brand but Reliable Fishing Products makes great ones as well.

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