More bear problems

smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 39 Greenhorn

So I've finally come to the conclusion that I will not be able to use corn to attract deer. I have a small acreage and feel I need something to get deer onto my property and have decided to put in a food plot, it will have to be a no till as the state has declared my property as wet lands (unless we have a tropical storm it stays pretty dry-moist maybe) anyways I can use a chain saw and other hand held equipment but no vehicles. My BIG Question is: If I go to the trouble of getting a food plot to grow are the bears going to hang around grazing anyways? The deer just don't seem to tolerate them.


  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 7,667 Admiral

    How many acres

  • bgeorgebgeorge Plant City FLPosts: 1,372 Officer

    Find a way to put pigs to work tilling it up for you. Post hole digger and some corn will get the tilling started,

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  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 7,667 Admiral

    the reason I ask is programs exist for wetland restoration if you qualify. My uncle does it in other states not Fl but U can make improvements even if it is designated wetlands if certain criteria are met

  • smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 39 Greenhorn

    2.5 acres, its small but in a good location. Its loaded with pigs, bears and deer

  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 7,667 Admiral

    sounds like u should leave it alone,unless you want to make a fish pond

  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 1,879 Captain

    We've never had any issues with bears around our food plots. Can't hurt to put something tasty out there for the deer. You can also lime/fertilize existing natural browse areas. The deer instinctively seem to know which plants have better nutrients and it may help hold them on your property more.

  • gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,520 Captain

    Hang a feeder high then build a 16 foot square enclose using hog panels and t posts.

    2 16 foot panels cut length wise gives u 4 panels
    8 t post
    1 t post driver
    t post clamps

    this will keep the pigs out

    the bears will get tired of picking up one kernel at a time and leave

    One more thing wrap the bottom of the feeder with something either screen or burlap or aluminum sheeting to keep the corn from falling out of the pen. If not the hogs will not leave u alone.

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  • GeetchGeetch Posts: 77 Greenhorn

    Hang a feeder 15 feet high between two trees. Cable around one tree, run the cable through a pulley on the feeder, pulley on the other tree running down to a winch. Remove the winch handle when finished raising it. The feeder will sit about in the middle between the trees.

  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 7,833 Moderator

    I'd hunt it like it is. Easy to booger up 2.5 acres.

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  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 297 Deckhand

    We usually have bear issue early in the archery season, when we start getting them on camera we switch from corn to soybeans in a broadcast feeders. The bears don’t seem to like the soybeans but all the other game will eat it.

  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 7,833 Moderator

    @Tony Roma said:
    We usually have bear issue early in the archery season, when we start getting them on camera we switch from corn to soybeans in a broadcast feeders. The bears don’t seem to like the soybeans but all the other game will eat it.

    Give it a few more years. Soon you'll just be broadcasting expensive corn. At least that's what happened to me. Bears gobbled up those soy beans

    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 39 Greenhorn

    I'm having trouble finding any soy beans at all. Ill have to order them, are they raw or roasted? Most of the bags the feed stores are wanting to order are roasted soybeans-that seems weird.

  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 297 Deckhand

    Our feed store will only order them when they get enough orders. It’s not something they keep in house. Have no idea if the ones we get are roasted, that does sound weird. And panhandler , your bears must have a more sofisticated pallet then the bears over here in NE Fl:)

  • gottheitch22gottheitch22 Posts: 4,131 Captain

    Get rid of the feeder and plant a food plot problem solved

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  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 297 Deckhand

    The OP states his property has been designated wetlands by the state. Probably end up with a giant mud hole like others have pointed out.

  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 4,364 Captain

    Like said earlier, fertilize and maybe a little lime on what you have. Might broadcast some rye seed with it. You may be surprised at the rye germination from just broadcasting.

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  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 5,396 Admiral

    I'm going with Slough on this way.
    I've got a 350 pound big honkin Feeder , That thing will wear you out and drive you crazy. Cost's as much as an X Wife to run as well.
    Great place for Squirrels , and Hogs... Possums and Coons ?, All you want to eat...

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  • smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 39 Greenhorn

    Well I ordered three 50 lbs. bags of soybeans last week, I think they are roasted. In the mean time I ordered 20 lbs. of raw soybeans on line. I got the raw ones today and placed them on my spot. I got a camera out so Ill update everyone in about a week.

  • smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 39 Greenhorn

    Well I'm back to deer hunting, the bears completely left after all the corn was gone and I put out soy beans, the cam showed they came through one time but didn't stay. The deer are back like nothing ever happened. Maybe it wont last but I'm enjoying it for now.

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