East Central FL Redfish Snook Trout bite

Hey everyone. been working on some video edits of inshore fishing. Subscribe and like for more videos to keep you posted on what's biting in our area. We are aiming to turn out a video weekly to biweekly fishing everywhere from mosquito lagoon to FT Pierce. Hope you enjoy!


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    Did you notice the latest water color issue that started in the lagoon about a week ago. Yellowish/green color. Bummer

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    I use the Baby Vudu Shrimp a lot. I smash the barb down so that getting the hook out is real easy. New toy on the market that has been working real well is the Vudu Vixen.

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    Yeah the water color in the north end of Brevard has been real bad almost chocolate milk. Those vudu shrimp are killer. just started using them about 2 weeks ago and have caught more redfish on them than any other shrimp imitation.

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    Nice videos! How was the water quality in the Ft. Pierce area and were your videos recent?

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    The video below is from last Friday in Ft Pierce. Water quality was cleat in certain shallower areas on the incoming tide but kind of milky a lot of places. We had to hunt out areas to sight fish but it paid off big time. Like and subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date on how the bite is. We fish from ft pierce to mosquito lagoon pretty regularly and aim to put out a video about every 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy!

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    Dito gatorhook!
    Stupid ugly smiley faces I would expect to see in a grade school website to boot.

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    Yes it does

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    You could use your own avatar....

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