Would you Kayak Here?

This is the Bayside of Old Bahama Bay. Ocean side you can be in 1000' of blue water in half a mile. Bayside is shallow flats and keys for about 60 miles.

I am working to bring a greater Kayak awareness and kayaker experience to this area. Next month we will be hosting Kayak Radio ( http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kayakfishingradio ) to broadcast live from the resort while spending the weekend fishing the bay and ocean sides. Host of this show is Redfish Chuck, one of our original FS EC forum members.

Jackson Kayaks has also jumped in on this new endeavor by becoming the official kayak sponsor of Old Bahama Bay and donated 5 of their top fishing Kayaks. These will be available for use by Resort guests.

Look for future Kayak boondoggles to be hosted at this location.

Mark Wilson


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    Google map photos

    Below (upper left) is a shallow man mad cut through a cay that is about 2-3' deep and 8 feet wide that gets you to a really cool bonefish and mutton snapper area.

    Mark Wilson
  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 420 Deckhand

    Wow that looks like a great place. Look forward to see what you guys catch. Good luck

  • SpineymanSpineyman Posts: 7,717 Admiral

    Looks like a fun place to play!

    Kayak Rookie...and loving it.
    Fishing beautiful Destin / Ft Walton Beach area!
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    I agree with your definitions of Boondoggle, that pretty much represents my weekends and time off.

    Mark Wilson
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,267 Moderator

    I would actually do the Ocean side if the weather was cooperative, but then again I'm always more interested in offshore than flats fishing. This bay looks like a nice place for novice paddlers and flats lovers alike.

    Hobie Kayak angler for life!
  • FS BlairFS Blair Posts: 1,712 Admin

    You're living the dream! Not many better places...but don't tell anyone.

  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain

    Like to see how the trip works out for you. Are you taking a boat to West End or are you taking the ferry to Freeport?

  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,583 Captain

    Looks interesting, Look forward to hearing more reports in the future.

  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer


    we need more internet money
  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,813 Admin

    @palmbeachpete said:
    Like to see how the trip works out for you. Are you taking a boat to West End or are you taking the ferry to Freeport?

    Shipping 6 Jackson Kayaks in a container and then flying over in a small plane from Melbourne, a simple 30 minute flight directly into the resort. Looks like we are pushing the date back a couple weeks to address some shipping logistics.

    Mark Wilson
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,583 Captain

    Customs in the Bahamas can be tricky. I wanted to bring my truck over there for a trip until I learned that it could take a month to get it out of Customs.

  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,813 Admin

    Yes you do have to navigate the rule of Bahamas customs. Fortunately I have a local representative that is handling all this for us.

    Mark Wilson
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