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Quepos trip report Dec 2017

pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 768 Officer

Dec 13-18

We flew in from SJ to Boca Naranjo on Sansa around noon ( Quepos airport is under construction ), went straight to the boat and headed out . Put lines in around 35-40 miles out , and trolled to the 63 mile FAD . Got to the 63 a little before sunset , made a few passes and missed one there. The place was full of life , birds everywhere with a couple whales thrown in . Talked to a boat headed back in that went 3/7 on blues on fly .

Day 1 - 1/3 on blues 0/1 on stripey's and 2/2 on sails . And a couple of mahi as well .

Day 2 -Woke up early and lines in , got a blue first thing then nothing , trolled to the 70 and nothing as well . Decided to troll our way in , picking up a few more sails and mahi .

1/3 on blues , 3/4 on sails , and a few mahi

Day 3 - Woke up as we left the marina , we headed out and proceeded to load the boat with meat . Was fighting a sail (had a couple others with him ) , when a school of porpoises , with a huge school of YFT underneath them passed through us . Was a really cool sight , there was one about 150ish checking the dredge hanging in the water . After releasing the sail , we started in on the YFT . I took a break after 5 in a row , and let Capt and mate have at them . Did that with a few mahi too .

4/5 on sails , 9 YFT , and quite a few mahi

Day 4 - Headed out for a bit , had to be back around 1PM to catch flight back to SJ . 1/2 on sails , 2 YFT and a couple mahi .

I was pretty much designated angler on this trip , so didn't really get any action shots . Can't wait to get back next month .


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