Free Boat Detail No Joke

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Do you have a 22-foot to 26-foot dark colored hull in serious need of detailing? Pinch yourself, because this is your lucky day. Autogeek, one of the largest re-sellers and manufacturers of car and marine wax needs a boat to teach people interested in becoming professional boat detailers. They're going to pay $725 for the chance to work on your boat. This is a $2k-$3k value.
The more oxidation the better. You'll need to have your boat on a trailer and give it up for the weekend but you'll be glad you did.
Like I said, if you've let your boat turn a chalky mess...your prayers may have been answered. Send me a photo of your boat I'll be in touch right away, the class is Feb 10th and 11th. Send your photo to me at [email protected]

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