omg - YEARS of Trash talking followed by quit

HeatwaveHeatwave Posts: 1,997 Captain

This is 2003 / 2004 all over again, mixed with some 1973 Nixonian times.. Only today's world, a guy like DEEPTHROAT- Gets chased down and prosecuted for bringing forth evidence against the President.. No matter how many Manaforts, Papadopuluos, or HOW MANY are under investigation. How much has trump said, I am not worried, but FOX NEWS and the entire republican party continues to defer to FOX news and diversions, GPS, now it is "what did the FBI do" I hope they did a LOT, I dont care if they are DEMS, the guys wife, or whatever TRUMP is crying about. Trump is a tyrant and trying tp PLOW his way thru everyone, blame them all, they are all against ME. Thus, they are head hunters.
I agree with much of what he wants, much better boarder security, No lottery, no chain migration, even some of the tax cuts. But what FOLLOWERS are missing is their lack of seeing the big picture, Trump is a bad person and trying to RULE the USA with POWER, like a king...That is not democracy. Even if someone on the FBI is pro democrat, does not mean he can chase them out. He wants 100% complaince all the way thru every entity. He wants to control the FBI, CIA, etc. He is a REALLY REALLY BAD LEADER...


  • dave44dave44 Posts: 8,726 Admiral

    I know, we watched 8 years of crooked democrats ruining America. While the FBI covered for them.

    How will we get the country back? Show that the previous administration is not above the law.

    Otherwise we look like a banana republic.

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