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WTB Hookah hose

beat to fitbeat to fit Posts: 2,088 Captain

I have tanks so don't need a pump. Looking to buy 1 or 2 hoses 75-100ft each.
Regs and weights would be a plus

I am in East Central FL

text - 321-794-5878


  • got1ongot1on Posts: 73 Greenhorn

    Hatt's Diving Headquarters in Melbourne should be able to hookah you up!


  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 342 Deckhand
    I was just working on a similar project for use in the Keys.

    Force E in Riviera Beach sells a special hose already with fittings to go between your first and second stages. The Hookah hoses were much more expensive. 

    My only compliant was that the hose was clear but I wrapped red electrical tape and red zip ties around a red strand of weedeater cord looped at both ends. One loop end attaches to a weight belt and the other the neck of a tank so there is no pressurre whatsoever on the hose or the regulator in my mouth.

    It is 50' or maybe 75' and just way to long, any extra ends up in my way. I''m going to cut in half  if I can find some compression fittings that will work. Then maybe could even run two rigs off one tank or if just one allot less extra hose.

    I improvised a number of floats for the tank but ended up with just a plain old extra BC wrapped around a small trailer tire tube that I got from Harbor Freight.

    I also got some 63's as they are lighter and more manueverable than an 80.

    I have two 63's and they last a long time. I might try a 50 the next time.

    If you are near Palm Beach Gardens be glad to show it to you. 

  • beat to fitbeat to fit Posts: 2,088 Captain
    ok, thanks for the input and great info here.
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