Snook Floaters

23 Jan 2018...Grand Harbor/Johns Island...First stop, Hobart Landing, whole lot of nothing. Next the Sisters, lots of grass, Snot Grass, nothing good. First floater of the day, 36 inch range. Spoil islands, pair of very small Trout, more Snot Grass. Grand Harbor channel, nothing. Worked past the golf cart bridge, small Jacks and a couple more floaters. Got a shot at an over sized Snook, she followed the Vudu Vixen down, but did not hit. Had one baby Snook. The Tween area was stacked with Ladies and Jacks. Ladies in the 2 pound range and Jacks in the 3 pound range. Spent way too much time working them, hoping to find big Trout in the mix. Not today. Only thing Ladies would touch was the Vudu Vixen. Jacks would only take the Baby Vudu Shrimp or Gulp. Behind Johns Island, managed another short Snook. A lot of floaters, most 36 inch range, one over 40 inches. This is the area where they hauled out boat loads of big Snook after the hard freeze. Hit the Estuary on the way out, a 4 spot Rat Red. Saw a Sheepie, but could not coax it out of the bushes. Quick stop at Hobart on the way home, Ladies and Jacks crashing Glass Minnows. None of them wanted to play. Counted 20 floaters for the day.
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  • FlecFlec Posts: 463 Deckhand

    So,,how did the water look? Last Sat it was a yellowish color and vis was about 10 inches. A drastic change from a week earlier. Has it cleared up some? I am guessing it has since you managed to catch a few fish. Last Sat I did not notice a single dead fish. And I caught only one ladyfish. Your report is good news.

  • jhdog13jhdog13 Posts: 169 Deckhand

    No real clean water, usual brown cast to murky yellow.

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