Anclote Report 1-20-18

Waited till about 10AM on Saturday to head out on the water so it could warm up. Was planning on following the water into the backside of Anclote as the tide was coming in. The tide was still too low for my boat so I drifted the flats for a bit looking for some trout. I didn't see any fish at all. No pinfish, lizardfish, puffers, nothing. I checked the temp gauge on my fishfinder and it was 48.5 degrees, no wonder. I gave up on the redfish idea and headed out to some structure just offshore and got on the sheepshead pretty good. Kept 3 for dinner, and let about 8 go. Decided to check on the snook after I was tired of re-baiting my hook and having to get my hands wet from the cold wet shrimp. The river, and power plant water temp was 53-56 degrees. The snook I saw looked fine sunning themselves and would move off if I got too close. The snook that were not in the rivers, power plant, or gulf harbors I don't think fared very well.
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