Where to fish?

Looking for somewhere to make my next Florida destination.

I want to target tarpon, snook, big jacks, and inshore grouper (black, gag, small goliath). All on spinning gear (so no Boca Grande Pass, etc).
Looking to stay in more of the west/southwest area - I've been to Sarasota and loved it, haven't been anywhere else on this side.

A bonus would be if I could also do some land-based shark fishing here on the trip. This could be self-done, wouldn't need a guide or anything.

Thanks for any help,


  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 2,691 Captain
    You just named Boca Grande pass as the fishing spot you're after. You can use spinning gear just fine in Boca... I do it all the time. You can also fish all around Boca if you want to avoid the bumper boats.
    Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
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  • kangadrewkangadrew Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Sounds good to me. I've heard there's good fishing outside of the pass, where it's way less crowded. I can imagine there's still a good number of fish here too.

    Wouldn't mind hooking into one of the 500+ lb hammers swimming around here either!

    Now the question is, would Boca or somewhere in the Keys be better? Open to Keys or southwest.

  • VikingViking Posts: 100 Greenhorn
    Sanibel Island is an option. You can catch sharks off of Lighthouse Point and there is a pier there. Snook can be caught in the Ding Darling Sanctuary this time of year and off the beach usually starting in April. Goliath Grouper can be caught around the Sanibel Causeway. You can rent a kayak in Tarpon bay and catch all the jack you want plus if you fish the pot holes you can pick up reds, trout and maybe some snook. One off the beaten path locations that you could also check out is Port of the Islands which is east of Naples on US 41. All the fish species you mentioned are available there too. I am pretty sure they have boats you can rent there too and guides if you want. Hope you have a great trip!
  • EddyshoreEddyshore Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Hi ,
    Here is my 2 cents
    Check out Bonita Springs,Estero, Naples or all the way down to Marco.
    Estero Bay can give you the redfish snook trout site casting all while being sourrounded by mangroves ,the passes that lead from the bay to the Gulf can give you tarpon during the migration with stragglers year round ( New Pass, Big Carlos Pass and Wiggins Pass) to name a few... Most of these Pass will have an Artificial Reef placed about 5 miles out and on a calm day people are out there in 16 foot makos and skiffs. This is where you will catch big jacks, bull reds, grouper , king Mackeral ,flounder , shark,snook snappers,Cobia, Tarpons . Google some of what I mentioned above and see for yourself it’s the nicest part of Florida in my opinion.. I also ONLY fish spinning gear 7’ M/H rod with 30-50 size Penn reels depending on what I’m targeting I can gear up lighter or heavier..
    Peace and Love
  • ScottaenglundScottaenglund Posts: 77 Greenhorn

    I have to agree with the last two folks. I actually moved down to Cape Coral for that exact reason. All the fish I can imagine within an hour of boating time. Some I’ve moved down, I have never came up empty handed fishing. Come on down.

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