Snook Kill - 2018 - Lets Help FWC and Law Enforcement

Guys - not a serious contributor to the forum, but an avid reader, and a serious fisherman... my feeling is that snook are the only fish to fish for, and that everything else is bycatch... unless you are with family or doing some social thing...

So - lets help FWC and Law Enforcement - with this cold weather now lasting two days, its very likely that there is some damage to the population. Of course I hope I'm wrong, but if one of us sees some people just snagging or netting cold snook, we should report it. Number to call is here: 911. Yeah, there are other numbers, but with so many jurisdictions, they are the likeliest to be able to reach the correct party in the area - quickly.

I hate to see documented snook kills, but posting general locations and pictures so FWC can do an investigation...

Finally - some metrics... I know... I'm really going to get some grief over this... lol... I've got thick skin so bring it.

Count - how many floating and how many on the bottom that you can see...
Condition - fresh or been floating for awhile
Size - how many estimated small, med, and large snook
General Location - no need to reveal your secret spot, but a general vicinity, such as "upper reaches of the Myakka, near Snook Landing" might tell them... but didn't cover the outside wall deep water hole at the bend just down the river... lol.

I know that Law Enforcement frequently monitors (and comments) on the forums... and I've always felt they are out there to help us... so lets help them too.

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  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 10,281 AG
    You should not call 911 to report snook kills. That could get you in a bit of trouble, or at least admonished by the emergency operator.

    You should call 800-636-0511.

    Or do it online, here:

    That said, with the water in Tampa Bay (at least) bottoming out about 54 degrees last night, I don't think there will be any major problems there nor in Charlotte Harbor (where the temp has stayed above 60).


    Hope this helps...Mike
  • winderbillwinderbill Posts: 264 Deckhand

    cyclical cleansing! lets not get our panties up in an uproar over floating snook. But be sure to cooperate with fishery management in every way. It worked out so well for recreational red snapper fisherman!

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