Family Slam # 2

10 Jan 2018...Grand Harbor/Johns Island. Red, Black and Blue with a line of Dancing Ladies. First three stops of the day were a waste of time, Hobart Landing, Pine Island Cut and the ICW spoil islands. Had a lot of promise at Pine Island/Hobart, bait being chased, nothing but mini Ladyfish. Grand Harbor channel, expected to find Trout and Snapper, nothing. Head for the Golf Cart Bridge, running tide, no worry about time. First few players were Jacks in the 4 inch range, they came up in size further into the Lagoon. They were really thick. Some in the 2 pound range. Work the first culvert, a 3 pound Blue. Had a Yaker who was paddling the edges of the Mangroves. Screwed up one of the Trout spots. If you get out check the Mangroves for signs of Thugs. Today the big Snook and Trout were way back in cover, only had a couple try to play. Worked the drops looking for big Snapper, Did not find any today. Working the pockets, got a three pound Black Drum, one leg of the FWC Family Slam. Second leg came on the way out, a 16 inch Trout. Skipped the Estuary and headed for the Tween area, maybe a Red. Wrong guess, Jacks up to 4 pounds. Johns Island, looking for Sheepshead, saw one, but no luck. Small Snook were in again today. Decide to try Oyster cut for a Red. Amateur hour, hard time staying out of the Mangroves. With the Baby Vudu Shrimp, a skip cast is really hard. Heavier lure and the fish spook and run. Finally got a good flat cast back into cover. Copper and silver flash, good solid hook up. Wound up being a 29 inch Red to fill out the family slam. All of the fish today were caught on 4 # and 8 # test line. Lure of choice, Baby Vudu Shrimp, backed by the Vudu Vixen. All fish released for future fun.


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