Pineland 1/10 trout

First time out this winter and found water temp of 64.5 launching at Pineland. We fished a number of spots catching undersized trout on gulp shrimp and popping cork or jig and Mirro Marsh Minnow in Opening Night. Water warmed to 67 around noon and not sure if it was the temp, the lure or the spot but fished turned on. With the warmer water switched to a chartreuse Mirrodine that took all the keepers. Had three more keeper sized to the boat but alas those small trebles came free.

When in Wisconsin I always enjoy the occasional sighting of an osprey. However, observing over 20 at once circling like a bunch of vultures and dive bombing a school of fish was totally awesome. And of course their catch rate much better than ours!

Grey Beard



  • NevermoorNevermoor Burnt Store MarinaPosts: 35 Greenhorn
    Good for you finding them. I'm not far away in Burnt Store and can't find water over 61 degrees. Maybe I'll sneak down that way. thanks for the report.

    My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my guns and fishing rods for what I told her I paid for them,

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