Sea Ark vs carolina skiff

jlojlo Posts: 25 Greenhorn
I know this question comes up a lot but looking for some more insight. I currently run an 1860 sea ark. I love it but I'm chartering now and it's tight with gear and more than two people. I'm really considering the 24 dlx for space and stability. Plus the shallow draft. I don't want a bay boat so what are thoughts on skiff vs sea ark.


  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 6,741 Admiral
    If you're running big bend I'd go with a larger Sea Ark all day every day.
    Don't they make those jons up to 2472 or something like that?
  • smooth movesmooth move Posts: 413 Deckhand
    can't speak for Sea Ark, but the old style Carolina Skiff is a tank, a wet tank, but a tank.
    le se' bon ton roulet
  • fishonfishon Posts: 957 Officer
    Get a bigger tin boat.
    Triton 1870 Bay Sport, 115 merc. 4/stroke,
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  • mattb78mattb78 Posts: 181 Deckhand
    The customers may appreciate the smoother ride in the Carolina skiff.
  • FlecFlec Posts: 526 Officer
    How long have you used your Sea Ark in salt water? Has it held up well? Any corrosion issues?
  • jlojlo Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    My hull is a 93. I have some electrolysis but nothing major and I recoat with gluv it resin every year or two. I fish saltwater a lot.

    I like the durability of the sea ark. Beat it up and it keeps ticking.

    I was about to buy the skiff but have been reading about water intrusion issues on the c skiff now I'm a little scared.
  • jlojlo Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    They do make a 2472. Really nice. More expensive out of the gate
  • Parker They are quite a work boat for us. Surveys, diving, barge support.
  • jlojlo Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Parker They are quite a work boat for us. Surveys, diving, barge support.

    Thanks for your insight guys. I pulled the trigger on the c skiff 24dlx. I felt like it was the best decision for now.

    I still have my 1860 sea ark and plan to keep it and maybe put a jet foot on in the future.
  • petedoggiedogpetedoggiedog Posts: 141 Deckhand
    congrats on the 24dlx. water in the hull doesn't seem to be an issue with the dlx boats. i believe the issue was mainly with dlv models. i have a 19 dlx and have not had any issues. i would back out all screws in the deck and coat with 5200. i believe unsealed screws have been the cause of water in the hulls. jmo i flounder with my 19dlx and love it. very versatile boats, and much better ride and drier boats than the old hull style.
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