Water Temperature Differences?

My favorite trout spot is greatly influenced by the in/out flow of water near a pass. This time of year is the water coming in normally warmer or cooler than the water in the bay? I know there are a lot of factors that effect water temperature. So this is more of a general question. There may not ever be an answer.



  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,108 Captain
    I would imagine that it depends on where it is. If it's got darker, shallower water on the "inside", then the outgoing in the afternoon would have warmer water. (in theory anyway)... but honestly I don't know 100% and would love to know the answer.
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  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 590 Officer
    I'd imagine it'd depend on the day a bit, if it's warm out the bay will probably be warmer by the end of the day, but on a cold day the gulf water definitely stays warmer.
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