Ladies, Learn to fish!

BettyBetty Posts: 80 Greenhorn
Some fun opportunities to learn, practice and go fishing all around Florida. Guys don't worry you are welcome, too! This is for all beginners. Join us for these, plus legal trips to Cuba, men and women.
The difference between these events and regular seminars is you can opt to go fishing from charter boats, learn from captains that are fishing all the time on the last day.
It's run by a non profit, google Ladies, Let's Go Fishing for info.

2018 opportunities
Feb. 10 Gulf Coast/Fort Myers Freshwater seminar
March 23-25 Gulf Coast/Fort Myers saltwater weekend seminar
April 27-29 South Florida saltwater weekend seminar
May 12 Palm Beach Surf Fishing Seminar
June 22-23 Keys Fishing Learning on the Water - this one has a fun tournament, prime mahi season!
Oct.19-21 Keys saltwater weekend seminar

Hope to see you, the more the merrier! Tight lines!
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