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Need a Window Sticker for the New Truck

Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 8,026 Admiral
I was thinkin one of them Hunt Camp stickers from ...right here...
I know they ordered like 500 of them cause that's the Minimum Order for special printing.
They gave like 10 away for a ProMo and I got one on my Gun Safe door.
It was like tryin to buy a new house just to get one..:banghead
Griz , What are you guys doing with the 490 Hunt Camp stickers left ?
Got a Monthly Storage rental , Your brothers garage ?
Their not going up in value and I sure could use one for my NEW TRUCK Window.:)
Heck , I'll pass them out at the dang Boat ramp , Cop pulls me over..Didn't you see my Sticker fool..:kick
I know Respect is not given , It's Earned. That's what the Marine Corps I -75 Highway sign says just south of Brooksville anyways.
Who do I have to Fluff to get one ? ..:dance
Killin and Grillin :grin


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