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Gag season went out with a bang! Gags out of Hudson 12-31 report

Well I have a friend with a boat out of Hudson that's been wanting to go out so him, I and a few good friends decided to make it a go for Saturday. Ran into a ridiculously low tide so even though I was there at 6am we couldn't leave the canal until 8:45-9 and even then had to put along very slowly. Luckily the type-A person I am, I had already caught most of our live baits the day before and had them in a mesh bait pen at his house. I also set out two traps the evening before. We went and got the traps which had about 30 baits in them, kind of small but oh well. It's now after 11am and we're WAY behind schedule so time to roll. Weather was a tad snottier than forecasted but we pushed through and were rewarded. First couple spots in the 35' area were busts, with only small fish coming aboard. So we decided to go to our ace in the hole in 42' and it was nonstop! First four rods down were all immediately hammered on Boston Mackerel. Two were small and two were big boys over 30". Every drop thereafter produced big fish. Biggest was 34". We had our limit in 15 mins...7 of our 10 keepers were 30"+ so the size today was a bit bigger than my previous trips. It was now 2:30 and the wind had picked up to 16-20mph out of the NW so it was time to roll in. Lots of happy faces and got a couple guys out that haven't been in a while which was cool. We ended the gag season and 2017 with a perfect bang! Until next time, tight lines! -Chris


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