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Dec 30 - Grouper - one day left

Two days left before grouper closure and I got another late start. Headed out around 11 am to catch the rising tide in the afternoon. Anchored on the same general area just a little deeper. Only had to re-anchor twice to get on the right spot today. There was a hard-north wind blowing and current running east. Sounder was lit up but the catchin was slow. I worked thru a lot of small YTs and got a couple of porgies on the chicken rig bait rod. Dropped two bottom rods with live bait on. Both set ups were slow and got rocked up a couple times. Live bait produced another nice size mangrove 18’. With the wind howling, cloudy skies and a slow catch I was thinking about packing it in. I had just caught another good-sized grunt so down he went. This time after reaching the bottom the bait got nervous right away. I am at the reel when the rod doubles over and I crack as hard as I can and turn his head up. As slow as it has been I thought this might be a shark and half way up it kinda made a circle. I keep cranking and up pops a nice black. This one is 32” and it gets an ice bath. I work a couple of dead baits trying for a mutton but no luck. It is windy and cold so I fire up the cat and head north right into the breeze. A 36’ See Vee with trips wanted to race me back in but after about 1 mile he backed down. I think his passengers were crying uncle and I was drinking a soda and not spilling a drop.

One Day Left for Grouper

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