Will Jacks or Snook take Cutbait on bottom

Just wondering if Jacks or Snook will ever take a cutbait of any fish, on a basic bottom fishfinder rig?

Thanks all


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    ... in a heartbeat, particularly when the water is warmer (and in the heat of summer almost every fish that swims, and is usually on the large side..). Whenever we fish cutbait, I want the donor to be live and kicking when I cut 'em - in the backcountry of the Everglades I'm partial to ladyfish but lots of other critters will work just as well... When the water is cold and getting colder we tend to quit using cutbait since the fish where we are just aren't interested. When that happens any fresh shrimp on the bottom will get their attention (just don't expect fish to be as active as they are in summer..).

    I figure that big specimens of the greatest gamefish around.... simply can't get enough to eat as the water warms up - so they turn scavenger to supplement their food intake. Every year along the Gulf coast of the 'Glades our very biggest fish will have picked up a live or chunked out ladyfish.... Tarpon over 150, snook around 25lbs, redfish as big as they get, the list just keeps on growing.... One of the tricks we use is to set up at a river or creek mouth and toss lures while an extra rod or two is rigged on the bottom with something for a giant.... and every now and then we get rudely interupted. Just nothing like the 'Glades... every now and then I get asked where I'd like to travel for fishing - my usual thought, left unsaid... is.... Why?
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    Super Helpful, as always Bob!
    Thankyou and have a great New Years weekend!
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    Jacks eat just about anything. Snook tend to be a little more picky, but sometimes do take cut bait.
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    At Juno Beach Pier the last time I went everyone would be trying to snag big mullet with treble hooks and use the mullet for cutbait to catch Snook, and it certainly worked. You were almost guarenteed to hook up.
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