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Curado k uneven line spoolin

longtoothlongtooth Posts: 11 Greenhorn
Got a new cursdo k and spooled it with 30lb J braid Started line in middle of spool with line guide in middle No side to side movement on spool. Line thru first guide and pinched between thumb and finger for tension positioned in the middle of rod about 12 in from reel. The line spooled 1/8 in from top of handle side and 5/16 from top on other side.
Did this twice with same results. I also have 2 curado I and one of them had same problem with 14 and 15lb mono.
Sent it in for warrenty and was repaired but cast 30$ shipping. I'll be at Basspro in Brandon and they say they will exchange it eventhough it came from Springfield Mo
Has anyone else had this problem with Curado or other bait caster?


  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 17,011 AG
    Run the line through the line guide, but use your finger to spool the reel evenly rather than hold it in one spot (or off to one side), and pay attention while you're doing it.

    I suspect all that was wrong was the way the line was running into the reel, but even if it's not, if you do it this way, it should solve this problem and at most spool only the last few yards from your cast unevenly.

    I don't own a Curado, but I do own more than a few Shimano baitcasters.

    Hope this helps...Mike
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