Fish ID Question and a Slot snook

Fishing yesterday out of The Pass.
Water temp 71.6f with decent clarity.
Started at a point with jigs and caught many, many ladyfish and 1 short trout.
Chummed up some decent 3" greenbacks and then to the beach.
Lots of jacks and a sheepshead. Nothing on the livies.

To Blind Pass and set-up next to the bushes where a cut pours water in the Pass on an outgoing tide.
Fishing partner tosses a shrimp on a jighead into the cut and flops the fish in question into the boat.
What is this fish? I've fished Florida salt water from St. Pete around the peninsula to Miami. Never seen this species. A little help?

Fish was approx. 10" long
Into the Morgan River and it was SLOW.
3 short trout, 1 monster jack and a few mango's.
Swapped sides of the mangroves and tossed a white/black bucktail.
Threw it next to the wood, got a 1/2 turn on the reel and felt a tick.
Set the hook and finally my "net guy" brings the 29-1/2 snook into the boat.
At this point, my buddy in not feeling well and we end the day.
No trout (targeted species) but a slot snook to end the year and a mystery fish for ID purposes.

Till next year: Be safe, be good to you and yours and I'll see you in the Upper 10K Islands in 2018!
PS, Gonna hit "submit new thread". Hope the pic is attached!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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