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12/27/17 Good fishing in everglades and gulf of mexico!

Fabulous day with Rich and Luke cromwell, return customers of mine down on vacation. We had plenty of bait stocked up and got a little bit of an early start. Tried some snook holes early on without much luck though did find some nice trout there. Eventually we found a few snook in one area and caught a few. Had a big 10+ lb one that I thought was a shark that we got to the boat and got a good look at, but before I could grab the net he cut us off! We then caught some more trout and a few Jack's working some shorelines with our pilchards and shrimp. We decided to go hit the gulf and look for tripletails and that was really good we caught quite a few including one keeper. Another one too that was a monster we had boatside but pulled the hook on! If he only knew it was his lucky day we were gonna release him anyways! But fun battle very exciting I have it on video I'll post later. We then found a nice cobia which was a great surprise we did let him go too, merry Christmas Mr cobia 藍藍. We found some tarpon coming in from the gulf and gave that a try. Yesterday they did not respond but conditions looked a little better today it was warmer with a light easterly wind. We worked hard and moved several times, we had a few blacktips but the tarpon just wouldn't bite. Then finally after we were about to call it quits the line zinged and a nice 90 lb tarpon went air born! We got some good pictures of him and a healthy release. That was about it for our day we tried one other spot with our live baits for a possible snook or redfish but no luck. All in all though a day Rich and Luke will not forget! Back at it tomorrow hopefully it's near as good.

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