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Charlotte Harbor Boca Grande

Hey guys,
First time on here. My parents have bought a place in Port Charlotte up off the Myakka River. My father has a 18' center console that is more like a bay boat w a 45 horse, on a good day wpuld it be worth venturing out off Boca Grande. I run a 19' w a 150 so I dont mind running off shore a little, not sure about his boat. I am coming down to visit him Jan 18-22 and he wants me to take him out. Just wondering what the bite is that time of year. Are we looking primarily at trout, sheepshead. Also what is the bait situation, I told him to get a throw net but ready the post it sounds like the bait may be headed off shore by the time I get there. Sorry this is so long just looking to get him on some fish and shoe him a few things. He is not really a salt water angler


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