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Knights Key question

Hello all!! Hope everyone is recovering from Irma. The pictures that have been posted are amazing.

I am heading to the Marathon area in late May/Early June. I am still in search of a rental and located a couple on Knights Key that are on the west side of the old Knights Key RV park. Can anyone give me an update, info and/or pics of what the new resort being built looks like or progress? One of my concerns is what the waterway status is and if it is being used by the construction company for some reason. I can live with some construction and expect it with the Irma recovery process. The rental is run by a company, so the person on the phone has no answers to my questions.

I usually stay around BPK, but they appear to have been hit very hard and rentals are scarce. So, fishing out a Marathon will be a new adventure. I like location on Knights Key for the quick access to the Gulf, Atlantic and 7-mile bridge.

If anyone can shed some light on Knights Key status, I would greatly appreciate it. I know a lot can change in 5-6 months, but just trying to gather as much info as possible before putting down the deposit.

Thanks ya'll!!


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