No see um repellent?



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    nick wrote: »
    In my experience no natz works for 10 minutes.

    Then you get mauled. Unless they’ve made a new formula.

    This. ^

    Best bet is SOS on your face, long sleeves, long pants, and even the pansie azzed buff. Not much else to attack at that point. Oh, and wear socks too........those bastages love ankles.
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    Noseeums can drive you crazy and ruin many outdoor activities. 
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    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
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    NoAd sunscreen works better than anything I've ever seen.
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    If I have a limited time to be in them heavy, such as cleaning fish at my dock, a cigar is the absolute best. They won’t come near you. I like Swisher Sweet Perfecto cigars as they are not expensive, don’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth and last up to probably 1/2 hour. Deer repellent only works basically till it dries. If you use any oily substance that doesn’t dry, they usually won’t land on you since it’s instant death as they get stuck in the oil. Even sweating works as you’ll see them dead on your skin because they got wet, but you are not sweating everywhere so not that good. 
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    Cheap incense from Dollar Tree. Light 1-2 at a time and lay them around your feet. I have even stuck one in my cap. I have seen big ones somewhere but can't remember, about 18" long. the little ones will last 10-15 mins, thus the reason to get them from Dollar Tree. Any scent will work. Kinda goes along with HammerheadTed's cigar trick. 
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    Just read, that vicks vapor rub is good as an insect repellent ???? 
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    I’ve tried most everything here on Gulf coast,cause they are really thick at times. We started using Burt’s Bees herbal repellant. It’s 100% natural , smells very citric and fruity but works great.
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