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EPIRB question?

joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,540 Captain
Received a very nice EPIRB as a Christmas gift. The uses in a marine/boating emergency situation are obvious. We are considering doing a walk in/backpack type turkey hunt this spring in a N/E Wyoming national forest where cell service will be spotty at best. Would the EPIRB receive an emergency response if activated in this type environment? I see there are smaller and much lighter devices available (mine weighs 3#) but I don't really need two. Thoughts? Thanks.
BTW - this was an early Christmas gift that I received 12/9. I did all the NOAA registration etc on line and have already received my NOAA sticker and paperwork. A surprisingly good federal response after experiencing a near four month wait to get a Federal Lands Senior Pass via mail.


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