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My birthday wishes, fishes!

Well, today is my birthday and I got to spend it on my buddy Doug's brand new 26' Twin Vee catamaran. It's so new, there are no numbers in the GPS and there hasn't been time to figure out how the Min-Kota GPS anchor thingie works. So we were flying blind and pulling the anchor by hand. Did that stop us? No way. Capt Greg from the Yankee Capts once showed me how to read the bottom to find a spot and even tho that was a few years back, I remember the lesson and found a couple good spots.
We got three red groupers, (Doug got the biggest one, a big fattie), a couple muttons and a nice mangrove but as usual, I will be haunted by the big ones that got away. It wasn't even a shark problem, we had very few today. I can only imagine what I was hooked up to, but several times, I hoped the hook was gone so I could blame a shark.
I'm throwing in a bunch of pictures from the past two weeks, since my last Yankee Capts trip. Several friends from the campground have gone out with me and we've had a mixed bag of conditions and catches. But lots of fun!
A forum member I didn't know previously, contacted me, told me he is also camping at the Jolly Roger and we went out a few days ago. His first fish was a 22' mutton, not a bad reward for asking to go fishing with someone you don't know.
Another friend who lost his wife not long ago, called and said he was in the Keys for a few days. The timing was perfect and we had a fun day of, on the reef stress relief.
Capt Greg told me "If you can't tie a knot, tie a lot." Well I say "If you can't catch the best, catch the rest"!
Merry fishing Christmas!!!


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