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UF's signing class

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Mullen did well for his first year after coming in late and with the turmoil
They managed to get some good prospects and flip talent from other programs


Florida: The advent of the early period has made it even more difficult for new head coaches to make a splash on the recruiting trail. But Dan Mullen and Florida should be excited about their early haul, which closed with a flourish. The star is quarterback Emory Jones, a late flip from Ohio State who gives Mullen a major talent to work with under center. The Gators also landed commitments from a pair of four-star defensive backs – one, Trey Dean, chose Florida over Alabama – and landed key help along the offensive front is junior-college tackle Noah Banks.


More than 10 Power 5 programs went through coaching changes over the last month, which complicated the recruiting process for both prospects and coaches.

Fortunately for Florida, Dan Mullen found a way to navigate through new territory in college football recruiting and had a strong finish despite being behind the eight ball....

“Obviously we were put in a tough situation this year, but I do like having the opportunity to have an early signing period,” Mullen said. “These are guys that knew they wanted to be Gators, and so why extend it out for another six weeks? Why all these visits and the craziness in their life?

“I wouldn’t have minded another week or two maybe of work with the time frame that I had to work with, but I think moving forward into the future, there’s some benefits to having the early signing day. I think you’ll see this year is a test.”

Mullen passed that test Wednesday, signing 13 of Florida’s 15 commits and flipping 4-star quarterback Emory Jones from Ohio State. The Gators had several de-commitments this month, but that comes with the territory when you have a coaching change.

Once Mullen sorted out his recruiting board and identified his top targets, he and his staff put the full-court press on those players and the end result was five commitments in four days to close out the early signing period.


They can only go up


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    Man, I was going to post about this tomorrow after early signing period is over. Florida has a 14th ranked class currently withe the ability to get into the top ten,

    Heydenfox has a lot to be proud of in Georgia. Number one recruiting class.

    Tennessee with a last minute coaching hire and a new AD is in 26th place, not bad with what they went through.

    The surprise for me with all his hype is Taggart and FSU. They are down in 45th place, better than yesterday when they were 53rd.

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    Still a long way to go!! National Signing day isn't until Feb 7th. 37 of 2018’s top 100 recruits are still unsigned. The 9 guys FSU signed avg 3.89 starts 3rd best in the country. Willie only had 2 weeks to fix Jimbo and his staff not recruiting AT ALL for over a month.
    FSU may not have their normal top 10 class but they will be just fine come Feb 7th.

    I agree that FSU will finish fine but I was surprised that Taggart's only signed 4. The other 5 were Jimbo's that didn't leave. This is supposed to be the period when coaches go after the players they want. Most of those 37 will likely be signing tomorrow if the sports writers are correct. They were predicting the top players will be gone during early signing.

    There is still one day left though. I am interested to see what happens tomorrow and who waits till February. I expect a few moves up and down in the rankings before tomorrow is over.

    Not sure I like this early signing period.

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    I was shocked that he was able to flip the 5star DB from Cali in 8 days from the time he was offered. That's crazy!!

    That was a great steal.

    I liked Mullens recruiting Emory Jones. We need a reliable QB for a change.

    We also got a great kicker to replace Pineiro.

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    Can’t take any ranking of recruiting classes seriously, seriously :)
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    ****, I've been thing about taking a sign language class.

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    2 more 4 stars signed today. :-) Like I said FSU will be just fine come National Signing day in February.

    FSU Signed 3 today according to 247 sports and lost 2 commits. They had a net gain of one.

    Never said they wouldn't be fine, just thought it was strange that Taggart had only signed 7 during early signing.

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    Why would that be strange? He had 2 weeks to undo a month+ of Jimbo and his staff doing NO recruiting at all. Like I said he didn't push any of the kids to sign just asked them to wait until Feb and several did some didn't. FSU will be just fine come National Signing Day in February.

    Tennessee signed 13 and it ranked 26th. Jeremy Pruitt had the same time period and more damage control but he managed to get 5 four stars and 11 3 stars. I thought Taggart was the recruiting wizard. I really expected more than 7.

    33 of the top 100 are left unsigned and none of them are currently predicted to go to FSU


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    UF finished off well for early signing and had a suprise addition of another transfer:

    The Gators announced Friday through coach Dan Mullen’s Twitter account that Ohio State wide receiver and former 4-star recruit Trevon Grimes has transferred to Florida, adding another key skill position player at Mullen’s disposal....

    Grimes is the second receiver from a Power 5 conference to transfer to Florida, following former Ole Miss wideout Van Jefferson. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound wide receiver will likely have to sit out a year due to NCAA transfer rules but will have three years of eligibility remaining.

    here all UF's signers and prospects as of yesterday:

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    The school, and coach with the hardest uphill battle is UF and Mullen. They will be fine but their struggles as of late tarnishes the brand making it difficult to come in and recruit. Mullen is good for UF, can win with mediocre talent and the UF brand will be strong again. Not so much for Tennessee as their brand is far gone and Pruitt is unproven, otherwise I would have said they have the worst uphill battle ahead. Instead they are just irrelevant.

    FSU will be good for Taggart, not the other way around. Sure FSU had a bad season but they have been strong for some time. The brand is good. Fisher may not have recruited for a month, but it's FSU, the work has been done. Taggart is an average coach that surrounds himself with average coaches. However, his "genius" is not in how HE recruits but rather his sacrifice for average coaches (recruiters) that have strong ties to richly talented areas. On the other hand not one player on our team knows who Peter Warrick is and we are about 35 minutes from that area. Raymond Woody hasn't coached in the Palmetto, Bayshore (Manatee Co.) area in years so what does he have to offer? There's a cap on this philosophy but it's about the dudes, and if you can get the dudes many times average coaches will suffice. IMO, FSU folks can expect slightly less than Richt like results at UGA.

    Someone else said it but don't put too much into recruiting service star ratings. That is a business model that feeds off fear.
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