Sunday Dec 17th Cax Pass

Launched at 6:50am @ the pass. Water temp 66.2 with decent clarity.
Fishing with a buddy for the 1st time in 5 months.
Water a full -1 foot.
Off to some rocks and got a bluefish on the salt/pepper chartreuse tail grub.
Took the "long way" around Cape Romano to the Morgan River.
3rd cast, 16" trout. Worked the "dirt" i.e. shoreline due to minimal water and got a few jacks/ladyfish.
Ladyfish was kept for chunking when the water came up.
After 25 minutes, we went back to where we started and anchored.
An hour later, we discussed going for one 18"+ trout to make our 2-person limit.
We caught 7 keepers, all 16 to almost 18".
Finally got a 17" fish to finish the limit.
Jigs, bucktails, shrimp/cork got the fish in 8-feet of water.
Went to the outside and my buddy gets an 18" trout.....
Put out a ladyfish chunk and moved it 3 times over 20 minutes.
Headed back towards the ramp to a small island and proceeded to get trout after trout after trout.
All were 14" to 17". At one point, 1 caught 6 trout on 6 casts.
Tiring of the trout we could not keep, made our way to a pass where the tide was coming in quickly.
My buddy catches a 10-pound jack on a pink banana jig.
I had a ladyfish chunk soaking. After 10 minutes, the rod tip almost touches the water and game on!
Fish heads inland with the drag screaming!
And then turns 180 degrees and heads right at us.
Reeling as fast as I can, thought I lost the fish.
It turns again, lines really tightens, a few turns of the handle and line goes limp.
Whatever it was, cut/chewed through 30-pound leader.
After that, to the ramp @ about 12:30pm.

Final tally:
8 trout, 16 to almost 18 inches.
15+ short trout. Most were caught on banana jigs, white bucktails, shrimp/cork combo.
1 lane snapper at 8".
2 Mango's at <10".
5-7 ladyfish
3 small jacks
2 12" sheepshead
2 hardhead catfish and 2 sailcats.

A decent day at the Pass and surrounding area.
Water was "thin" but came up nicely and was quite clear almost everywhere.
Minimal boat traffic helped!

Until next time..... Looking @ Dec 27th for another day @ the Pass.
Till then, stay safe.
Post your reports.
And hopefully we'll see you on the water in the Upper 10K Islands area!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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