Hooknreds boys have been knocking them down

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  • hooknredshooknreds Posts: 2,461 Captain
    Thanks Tommy, we've had a blessed hunting season for sure!! Will post with that big 10 when I get time in front of a computer.
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 4,288 Captain
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
  • hooknredshooknreds Posts: 2,461 Captain
    ferris1248 wrote: »
    You're going to have to start a GoFundMe page to pay for all the mounts. :)

    Good looking racks and kids.
    Man, you aint kidding! Not looking forward to that bill at all. Thanks Ferris.
  • brotherinlawbrotherinlaw Posts: 2,828 Captain
    Good job guys!!!
  • BodineBodine Posts: 2,860 Captain
    This is a really great time in the raising of your boys, enjoy it, I did with mine.
    Other interests will interfere in time, but down the road they will be back to hunt with you.
    Congrats to the young hunters, memories that will be there forever have been made.
    F the feds
  • woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Posts: 1,867 Captain
    It really pleases me to see youngsters like these successfully scoring with nice, big bucks! Your Boys will make fine, productive young men for sure!
  • hooknredshooknreds Posts: 2,461 Captain
    Thanks guys!
  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 2,930 Captain
    Congratulations to y'all!
    God, save the South!
  • ChonggChongg Posts: 350 Deckhand
    those are some nice deer
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