Bay Boat or Ranger Intracoastal?

mullins057mullins057 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
I'm going to purchase a boat for me and my daughter, we fly down to south Florida 4 times a year and go fishing with guides at least 4 days of each week. Since we fish Intracoastal areas around Ft.lauderdale to Miami, also fish everglades to Okeechobee. We are leaning towards the ranger intracoastal, but it really looks awesome when those bay boats are on the ocean on flats days. Since a lot of you guys live in these areas what is your opinion? also I'm used to operating bass boat not so much a center console. Thanks


  • FlecFlec Posts: 581 Officer
    I guess the choice is between a small bay boat or the Ranger Intracoastal. If you fish a lot of depths less than 15 inches deep, then the Ranger might be a good choice. Otherwise a bay boat is probably a better choice, especially if you want to go in the ocean on calm days. Some of the smaller bay boats only need maybe 13" of water to float with the engine up. You won't have any issues operating a center console. Get an aluminum trailer with stainless steel hardware and rinse it good after each use, as well as your boat!
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 796 Officer
    Bay boat for sure, especially if you're looking to get out when the seas are down. I had a Pathfinder that was great for inshore, offshore and back in the 'Glades.
  • SaltySardineSaltySardine Posts: 159 Deckhand
    I looked at that aluminum ranger intercoastal - if I were just a flats fisherman or shallow water guy I would use that.

    However - if you want to fish the bay, shallows, nearshore, and maybe make a 12-15 mile offshore run. Bay Boat all the way, one with higher gunnels.
    Check out the Mako 19CPX. I have the 1901 which is the same boat (they quit making, then due to demand brought it back). Drafts shallow, high gunnels, cheap, etc. Not saying get this exact boat, but it would give you an idea of a versatile boat.
  • snookwhisperersnookwhisperer Posts: 229 Deckhand

    Bay boat for sure!!!

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