Question on how good the Garmin 840xs is compared to echo series Garmins?

austjjaustjj Posts: 87 Greenhorn
I just ordered and received my 73DV with GT22 transducer with Lake Vu and also now have Bluechart G2. I now see that a few sellers are offering the 840 XS for $429 or less, no transducer. My question how well will this unit perform with the GT22 chirp transducer and would it be a good unit to add. I could use one as fish finder with chirp and the other full screen GPS. I appreciate any comments. The unit comes with preloaded Lake Vu and Blue chart G2. I would like to hear from any Garmin owners and any that own the 840.


  • austjjaustjj Posts: 87 Greenhorn
    Anyone at all own the Garmin 840xs and willing to give some pros and cons, or what other combo unit would you recommend under $500. I would use it probably just as GPS unit with full screen.
  • DOCKSIDEDOCKSIDE Posts: 1,789 Captain
    I just bought the 840 at that good price. Assume these will be discontinued by Garmin, hence the price.Haven't installed it yet, but I am curious also.
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  • austjjaustjj Posts: 87 Greenhorn
    I like my Garmin 50DV, so I decided to go with the 73DV, have been working with it hooked up to a battery, like the ease and what I can do, cant wait to try out the chirp in March. I also decided that no new boat for me the one I have is great, so I ordered the 840 xs no transducer since I can use my GT22 for either unit. I will enjoy using this unit as well in March.

    Dockside let me know when you install your unit and the pros and cons. I updated the sd card with the latest update for the unit and will install when I get on Thurs.

    I talked to Garmin today and when you register you new 840xs they will update you charts for free, they do this for the first year. After that year their is a charge. I will do that as well. I have to check how to do that, I think you do with SD card but not sure.
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