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Costa Rica trip report

pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 768 Officer
I was invited to go down to Quepos and fish the FAD's on a private boat last week , here's my attempt at a report .

Saturday we headed out about 30 with the intention to troll the rest of the way out to the FAD's , went 2/0 on blues before the starboard dredge snagged a long line , bending one of the outrigger support poles . Headed back in , and by noon we were at Maverick in Herradura , having another one fabbed up . Big thanks to those guys , I can't thank them enough . Got back to Quepos and started to head out , when the autopilot/GPS kept shutting down and tripping the breaker , so back in we went . ( It ended up being a loose plug swinging and grounding out ) At this point we decided to do day trips .

Sunday we headed out and went 3/4 on marlin , including a double of Stripey's . I was on the first and while clearing lines another Stripey followed the lure to the boat , and took it with the swivel in the rod tip , nothing like feeding them up close to the boat .

Monday we headed out and got a blue first thing , then started having fuel issues . Headed back in , turns out it was fuel filters . Caught mahi each day as well .

Had a great time , thinking about going back next week . Also found out it was slow at the FAD's , so we didn't miss out on much . Heard the water temps were cold out there .

I didn't really get many good pictures , here are a few


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