Where would you go?

I am in Lake Worth for two weeks. I want to wade fish or shore fish. I generally fish for snook, reds, trout, but I basically just love to fish. I use mostly lures, but I do sometimes us live bait. Where should I go? I am going to take the hour drive to Key Biscayne a few times. Do you have any other suggestions?


  • BeermanBeerman Posts: 696 Officer
    Wish I wade fished, to give you exact areas, but up near and around the power plant (ft pierce) there are great flats areas for trout and redfish etc. even along side the road. MAybe someone else can help you with a more exact location. Good luck!!
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  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    Southern boulevard, at mid to low tide you can wade all the way out to the island, filled with jacks, snook and trout
  • WadeFishermanWadeFisherman Posts: 437 Deckhand
    Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it very much.
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