Grass flats Cobia sight fishing

Every once in a while I still get a chance to capitalize on what I would consider an Awesome catch. It's not all about the fish itself it's about the manner in the way the fish was caught and the hunt that led up to its capture.
I took a day to cruise up north a bit with a buddy and his beaver tail in towe, the mission fly fishing for reds, snook and Tarpon. Luckily I brought my spinning rod and was able to make the best of an ideal scenario of catching a 38 inch cobia we saw cruising behind a ray in 2 ft of water while poling a grass flat throwing a DOA Shrimp looking for schools of reds with a cobia in the back of my mind. Finally saw a ray then Bam there it was right behind the ray cruising. First cast watched him eat and the race was on. Definitely one of my favorite catches ever. Tear em up!!19b336d22e76d338c50e69f0759f76b9.jpg

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  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,106 Officer
    Congrats Joe. I bet that was heck of a fight.
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    Every now and then we encounter similar scenarios up inside Whitewater bay - the last time we were in similar real shallow waters and the cobe was following a ten foot long sawfish (the cobe was literally riding its back...). Doesn't happen often enough as far as I'm concerned...

    Great catch, Joe.
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    Capt. Jason Sullivan
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    Wow. Just wow
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    Don't know you from Adam.. but I've been fishing long enough to know.. sometimes getting the strike after recognizing something.. then adjusting. then it happens like it is suppose to.. well its.. fulfilling.. kinda confirmation that yeah I do know what I'm doing.. once in a whlie.. occasionally..


    Nice job and congrats. :)
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    Very nice!!
    Jason :USA
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 6,387 Admiral
    Buddy of mine use to run the Caxambas Boat Ramp on Marco Island, caught one about 50 pounds off the dock one day...
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    Very cool!
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