What's your favorite crappie jig

I trolled this weekend with minnows and different jigs and caught (and missed a few) 30 or so specks. Minnows on red hooks seemed to do better than gold hooks and for jigs I tried several and one I had in the box but never opened was a shiny hinie. It did a lot better than any of the other jigs I used. It was a Red jig head with yellow skirt. Anyone have any types they prefer or special rigging techniques


  • tankardtankard Posts: 6,423 Admiral
    I used to live on a clear sand-bottom lake outside Hawthorne and my go-to was little black beetlespins with yellow stripes.

    A little piece of bacon fat on the hook seemed to make them hold on longer. Seriously. About the size of your pinky fingernail.
  • 4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 945 Officer
    One thing or another will always do better on any given day. I think you know that already.

    My personal favorite is a 1/8 oz. Ratltrap, tiny trap chrome w/ blue back. They kill those things.
    They actually make one with a little spinner on the back, never tried it but bet it would work well.

    Other than that its good old Hal fly jigs, roadrunners and beetle spins.
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  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,316 Officer
    For trolling specks my favorite is 1/32 oz beetle spin tipped with a lip hooked minnow.

    I say......I say son.......new & improved my tail feathers.

  • tankardtankard Posts: 6,423 Admiral
    This thread makes me miss living on that lake. Bet those suckers are going off now with the high water and this approaching front!

    I don't, however, miss the 30 minute drive each way every day.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,458 Moderator
    Depth can be more important than color.
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  • Troutman1956Troutman1956 JacksonvillePosts: 7 Greenhorn
    Specks have big eyes for a reason. They don't like sunlight.I have found the brighter the day, the deeper you fish. The darker the day you get closer to the bank. So base your color to the sunlight and temp.If it is so cold you cant stand it and it is a cloudy day get in the marsh.
  • kci-miakci-mia Posts: 188 Deckhand
    When using jig alone I think I've had more consistent success using small black/yellow beetle spin than anything else. I also have good success using black/white or orange marabou jig with lip hooked live minnow.     
  • bonebone Posts: 1,065 Officer
    Chartreuse Hal fly. 
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