Ft. Pierce Area 12/2

My wife and I made it out Saturday. It was a bit windy but all in all it was a beautiful day on the water. We tried several new spots with little success, but had a manatee and some dolphins come within 10 yards of the boat. After a few hours of only 2 bites we went to one of out trusted spots. We caught 3 sheepshead within a few minutes and the. The bite died off. About 15 minutes in our spot the line i had drifting behind the boat with a cork popper started to scream. I caught my first Spanish mackerel. I was hoping for a sea trout but I was happy with the mackerel We also caught about 15 mangrove snapper but all were too short. All in all it was a great day on the water and we had fresh fish for supper.


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