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  • magellanmagellan Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Need to publish who this Dive boat belongs and the Dive Company.
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,016 Moderator
    FL 3612 RK or RX
  • JKPJKP Posts: 3,173 Captain
    On auto pilot maybe and radar didn't detect kayaker???
  • jensenjeff1955jensenjeff1955 Posts: 94 Deckhand
    JKP wrote: »
    On auto pilot maybe and radar didn't detect kayaker???
    I think more like his head up his ****
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,237 Captain
    JKP wrote: »
    On auto pilot maybe and radar didn't detect kayaker???

    No. He posted about it in the no motor zone on here. Guy in the boat clearly saw him and he actually yelled at the kayaker to get lights after he blew by him.
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  • fishdishfishdish Posts: 1,223 Officer
    There is no excuse for the captain. Zero! Crucify that MoFo!
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,538 Captain
    fishdish wrote: »
    There is no excuse for the captain. Zero! Crucify that MoFo!

    Not a captain. More like a D-bag with a boat...............
  • jbdba01jbdba01 Posts: 144 Deckhand
    Copying my reply here...

    I kayak all the time and have been for 10 years - I powerboat mainly in the summer, and have been for about 9 years.

    I recall being off Anna Maria on a cloudy day in a moderate chop - about 300-400 yards out I saw a kayaker, but as I got closer lost him. He completely blended into the background or bobbed below the visible line (so no silhouette). I actually stopped to find him and then took pics to post it on a kayak forum. Kayakers are practically invisible out there in the right conditions. In addition to that most powerboaters are not used to seeing kayakers offshore. From my perspective it's still a novelty and the last thing I expect to see a mile or so offshore is a kayaker - granted it is becoming more common. Mind you a mile is not that far for a kayaker/paddleboarder.

    Going to the video it took 30 seconds from seeing the boat to being on top of the kayaker. That's probably one good text or a good look at the weather on the phone, or he may have simply been on auto pilot and not looking carefully.

    That horn is useless - until you're on top of it.

    To me this isn't a function of targeting - this is simply a series of events that led to a close call. (aka the show "Seconds from Disaster" comes to mind).

    The solution (IMHO) is to make your profile as big as possible. Flags, bright colors, strobes, skip cloudy days...whatever it takes because at the end of the day if the guy runs you over it won't make much off a difference who's at fault if the kayaker is dead/mauled. I would liken it to riding a motorcycle - you know that the odds of getting hit are much higher than in a car. People just look for cars - not motorcycles. The mind is conditioned to it. Same for kayakers - the profile is not what you look for

    Now why he turned around and yelled at the kayaker...well I have first hand experience at that because I did the exact same thing. I was powerboating coming into Cockroach Bay around 9pm one night (no lights around there to illuminate anything) and I missed a kayaker by 5'. Never saw him - my buddy saw him as we passed. I was so shaken up by it I turned around an chewed his butt out. No lights in a channel. Last thing I want to do is have it on my conscience that I killed someone - regardless of whose fault it is. I said the exact same thing this guy did - "Get some friggin' lights or get off the water early." The kayaker (cracker) agreed - we shook hands at the ramp and went our ways, but I was more shaken up than he was.

    IMHO - it was simply a series of events that led up to this - in the video you can see that the homes are illuminated by the lights and are clearly visible. In this case the kayaker has a low profile, no visible lights (he says he does - but if it's not way up you'll never see it), appears to be solo, and the powerboat is coming straight on never deviating from his path. Just a bad set of events that almost led to a bad day on the water for both.

    There's a reason that bikers are often found in big packs (a peloton) they are a ton easier to see.

    On a side note I have 3 of these...they have a strobe mode. Had them for about 5 years - still works great.

    More info here. I want to say I paid $27 for 3. It last forever and is solar powered. I use it with some frequency. I just velcro it to a rod - no extra poles or anything. I used to carry a q beam in the kayak, but have pretty much stopped fishing at night.
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