Crystal River Slam- Reds, Snook, Trout, Some Sheeps and Snapper

Havent been in a while so I didn't expect much. Was super windy and cold so fishing was tough but we still got some nice fish for inshore. Started off bouncing some jigs in the river. Will got a nice slot on his 2nd cast of the morning. Got a couple more baby snook and snapper there before heading down river. Drifted for trout caught about 6 12-14" and tons of annoying ladyfish tossing a white gulp shrimp on a jims jig. Decided to run a couple miles out and it was pretty nasty. Got a handful of 11" snapper for the box then it was just baby snapper and grouper. Headed back in the the spoil banks. Got a variety of small snook, reds, and a mackeral. Tide came up a little so we went into the creeks. There I was surprised to find a few nice sheepshead 1 was over 23" the other was 14" both on shrimp. Then Colin popped his cajun thunder and a snook inhaled it! Then he circled back and ate the jig under it, only I have a snook tag so the slot snook got released. Few minutes later colin got a 25" red on the cajun thunder and shrimp combo. The fish were started to fire up bug the noseeums were absolutely insane in there! So we headed to open flats to just find 20 more baby trout. :huh Got bored of that and went up river to catch another 10 baby snook before calling it a day. I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that can't find keeper trout. :banghead Still a fun day for not fishing in a while, really had no idea where to go when the day started.

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